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April 18, 2020

Daniel Clarke and Allie Mustin understand that teaching Christianly takes courage and curiosity to do something as counter-cultural as authentic God-honouring education.  Their interviews provide the space for educators to share how they are intentionally teaching in such a way that the Kingdom of Heaven is signposted in their classroom practice.  Be inspired and encouraged by the curiosity and passion of educators.  Learn from other educators as they discuss the heartbreak and exhilaration of teaching academic content in a way that purposefully shapes a Christ-centered worldview.

Daniel and Alice are both qualified teachers with many years of experience in both primary, secondary and teacher professional-learning settings.  Both have been enriched and shaped by their time working alongside other educators in Christian Education National schools which proclaim the Lordship of Jesus extends beyond the private confines of Sunday spirituality and into the hustle and bustle of curriculum, yard duty, staff meetings and pedagogy.  The podcast is a mix of interviews with current teachers, educational leaders and authors each sharing what is currently shaping their practice.

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