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Interview with Rod Thompson, being shaped by the Scripture

June 30, 2020

In this episode, Dr Rod Thompson evokes a deep yearning to be immersed in the Scripture.  He suggests that the Bible doesn't exercise its authority by giving us answers to questions, so much as by inviting us to live in a certain kind of way and go out with God in our community and work out how to be faithful and wise.  He invites us to explore the problematic, unknown sections and to help our students fall in love with and engage with this text. He suggests terms such as Christ-centred education and Biblical worldview may be problematic and explores other terms which may be more helpful.

  • How can we describe our education in faithfully appropriate ways?
  • Why is it critical and urgent that immersing in the text of Scripture becomes part of our daily rhythms?
  • How can we help our students to love, and be shaped by, the Scripture?

 Rod has worked in both government and Christian schools as a High School History, English, and Biblical Studies teacher.  He is currently the Biblical Foundations Coordinator for Christian Education National and part of the ministry team at Springwood Presbyterian Churches.


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