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Interview with Kristie Barber, community in the classroom

July 17, 2020

In this episode, Kristie Barber provides inspiring examples of classroom practice which bring down to earth the important but sometimes theoretical concepts o justice and community.   She suggests if we say that student’s voices matter, we must provide the practice that demonstrates that this is actually true in our daily rhythms.  While focused particularly in the final years of high-school, she challenges and inspires us to reconsider our role of teachers in light of being part of a true learning community. 

  • Do our classroom practices show evidence teacher, student, or community-focused learning?
  • Do we see our role as teachers, as leaders, mentors, fellow travellers, fellow students?
  • How may the justice concepts of Equality, Access, Fairness inform the way we deal with education in a Covid19 world?

Kristie is the Head of Curriculum at Melton Christian College and also teachers as an English and Legal Studies teacher.

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