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Interview 2 with Ruth Watson, Reframing maths education as worship

May 21, 2021

In this second half of our interview with Ruth Watson, a secondary math teacher, Ruth continues to unpack her quest to answer the question, "What if the most important reason to study maths is to worship God – what would this look like?" 

Ruth shares where she is on in the journey of unit development, how she is linking God, humanity and creation to mathematical ideas, and how we can help students join in real work for real need in math classes.   Ruth shares the importance of unit planning to help her resist falling into dualism, as well as sharing very practical advice on how to frame conversations during parent-teacher interviews.

Ruth concludes by leaving math teachers a very practical 'next step' as they continue on their journey of teaching math in a way that helps us to worship God.

This episode is for you if you have ever wondered:

  • Should I include my Transformational Goals in real assessment pieces?
  • How can I guard myself against dualism in my teaching?
  • How can I teach mathematics in a God honouring way?

Ruth is a secondary math teacher at Marrara Christian College, curriculum advisor for NT Christian Schools.  She is married with three nearly adult children and loves going for long walks on the Darwin beaches at sunrise and sunset.


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