The Curious Christian Teacher Podcast

Interview 1 with Ruth Watson, Reframing maths education as worship

May 7, 2021

In this episode, Ruth Watson, a secondary math teacher, shares her quest to answer the question, "What if the most important reason to study maths is to worship God – what would this look like?" 

Ruth has recently written a booklet, Worshipful practices: What if the most basic reason to learn maths is to worship God? What would this look like? to share how maths, far from being a neutral subject of drills facts and rules, actually enables us to worship our creator God.  Ruth shares how routines in a math's classroom may be tweaked and reframed to assist in the worship of God. 

She also shares how she uses math's curriculum to directly feed into formational (life-long) learning outcomes that enable her students to worship God, serve in their communities and steward his world with their whole being (head, heart and hands).

Ruth is a secondary math teacher for Marrara Christian College, curriculum advisor for NT Christian Schools.  She is married with three nearly adult children and loves going for long walks on the Darwin beaches at sunrise and sunset.

This episode is for you if you have ever wondered:

  • How can I teach math in a way that brings glory to God?
  • How can I develop worshipful pedagogical practice, rhythms and routines in my math class?
  • How can I be cover the content of the mandated curriculum and still be faithful to the transformational goals I have for my students?

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